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This guy changed my mind about Geometry Dash.

Posted by TheDukesDepot - October 16th, 2016

For a good while I really hated this game based on the community, but this guy changed my mind a bit about them. I now see that some people actually put effort into their levels. I now put my tail between my legs to apologize to the actual cool people in the community.


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Thanks for saying good things about Geometry Dash. It is very special game to me. If you want to see my GD account, search "Ethanw12" on Geometry Dash, and choose the kinda dark, red eyed guy. I used to upload songs for GD like Reanimate by Warak and Kyoto by Skrillex, but even though I can't do that anymore, I still try to help people find the songs they need. GD might really change your perspective of those who upload songs for GD, usually in an interesting way. I know I am saying quite a lot, but I hope that the GD community loves you back.

Oh yeah, be sure to play levels from your favorite creators on GD. Make sure you know what is and what isn't a copy. The level in your post is NOT a copy, and that's a good thing.

I refuse to let someone convince me the community is good. Most of them are whiny imbeciles who want their Skrillex music in a game so they upload it to this great site, ignore the rules thinking it doesn't apply to them, and then they cry and complain "their" song was removed. On top of that they also use the Lenny face to an unhealthy extent and incorrectly as well.

And if the game itself is so good, why has it taken the game developer over a year to release an update and continues to tease people with "its coming soon"?

Oh, and @troPSDNUOGWEN read the rules. Of course copyrighted music isn't allowed. Do you know when you post something on here you're also licensing it? That means, by putting a license on it, you're saying that the work is either yours, contains samples you don't own, is a cover, or is a remix. Reanimate by Warak is in no way either of those because it wasn't made by you. If those artists found out a user was copying their work, that's a lawsuit. You see, Newgrounds has rules for a reason. The world has rules for a reason. You can't just follow what rules you think applies to you and not obey the rest. And I have no idea what you mean by "GD might really change your perspective of those who upload songs for GD, usually in an interesting way". The only perspective I got was the fact people don't think copyright on the internet is as serious as copyright on offline things. The audio portal contains thousands of good songs that are for GD levels, use those. Or, you can express your creativity. Make a remix of the song you so badly want. As long as you put effort in the remix and didn't rip 99% of the song to bypass the rules, you could be pretty popular. But with all this audio theft on here, I wish RopTop would remove the custom music privilege and only allow the 20 songs that's in the official levels.

@bluealpha14 you're right.